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Head Spiritual Director

The Spiritual Director will give spiritual direction and guidance to the Secretariat and to the Via de Cristo of Southern California and the Central Valley and its programs. The Spiritual Director shall serve as the clergy delegate to the National Lutheran Secretariat.


Subject to the provisions of these Bylaws relating to “Execution of Instruments, Deposits, and Funds”, the Treasurer shall:


  1. Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds and securities of the corporation, and deposit such funds in the name of the corporation in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected by the Secretariat.

  2. Receive, and give receipt for, monies due and payable to the corporation from any source whatsoever.

  3. Disburse, or cause to be disbursed, the funds of the corporation as may be directed by the Secretariat, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements.

  4. Keep and maintain an adequate and correct account and financial records to any director of the corporation, or to his or her agent attorney, on request, therefore.

  5. Render to the President and Directors, whenever requested, an account of any or all of his or her transactions as treasurer and of the financial condition of the corporation.

  6. Prepare, or cause to be prepared, and certify, or cause to be certified, the financial statements to be included in any required reports.

  7. In general, perform all duties incident to the office of the Treasurer and such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of the corporation, or by these Bylaws, or which may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the Secretariat.


The Historian should attend all meetings of the Secretariat, Ultreyas, and weekend Closuras, if possible.
The Historian should fulfill all obligations as a director of the Secretariat.


The Historian is to track all Via de Cristo weekend events for the Secretariat. This includes those pilgrims attending and those who serve on the team. The information for team members should include the position held and any Rollos given. This is accomplished primarily through the maintenance of the Historian’s notebook. This notebook should contain, at a minimum, the pilgrim roster, the team roster, the group picture and the logo for the weekend. This information will be provided by the Palanca team in the form of a Fourth Day Packet for the Historian at the close of each weekend. The Historian may also help to maintain this information by upgrading the database of Cristoistas and weekend information.


  1. Prepare California VdC Palanca letters to be signed by Local members at Ultreyas.

  2. Send California Palanca letters to other secretariats. Using, social media other websites.

  3. Receive Palanca letters from other 3-day communities and provide copies to Head Palanca and/or Rector for upcoming weekends.

  4. Post to prayer requests from other 3-day communities on social media and newsletters.

  5. Other duties as assigned by Secretariat.


  1. Receive all applications from VdC Mailbox.

  2. Develop spreadsheet with information regarding church, DOB, contact information sponsor information.

  3. Keep in contact with Rector / Rectora prior to the weekend.

  4. Immediately send out Sponsor confirmation letter with all information regarding sponsorship responsibilities.

  5. Four weeks prior to weekend send pilgrim confirmation letter.

  6. Submit spreadsheet to Rector / Rectora with pilgrim list by 2nd Team meeting.

3 Day Supply

  1. Make sure the trailer is delivered to and picked up from the weekend. If you cannot do this make arrangements to have this done.

  2. Keep a complete inventory of trailer.

  3. Have a complete list of all supplies and suppliers.


  1. Ensure Newsletter is published two times each year.

  2. Promote weekends.

  3. Be responsible for all official outgoing communications to Community.


  1. Plan and execute Ultreyas.

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