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Small groups are a part of faith history throughout the Bible. Group reunion meetups are an important part of the Via de Cristo experience in which we worship and celebrate together our shared life journey. A group reunion is different from a bible study. During a bible study we act as disciples learning on our Christian walk. During a group reunion meetup we speak specifically of what we have done to have moments close to Christ, practice our study, and actively carry out apostolic action. Group reunions can contain bible study but it should contain the other elements mentioned as well.

Within Via de Cristo, we add some special ideas and methods that help us focus on our unique reason for being, and by grace discipline ourselves in doing good works. Here are the primary disciplines of the method:

  • The group meets weekly at a mutually convenient location

  • The group is a primary commitment for its members

  • The group uses the Service Card as a tool

  • The group recites the Prayer to the Holy Spirit

  • The group tells of planned apostolic action

  • The group tells of last week’s actions (failures or successes)

If you are not currently in a group reunion and would like to be, please contact us using the link below.

Our Ultreya Coordinator can help to find other people near you to join in grouping.

In your message, please state you would like to join a group.

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